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US hardback
Jan 2008
Scared to Death
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Continuum International
ISBN 0826486142
256 pp
Scared to Death
by Christopher Booker & Richard North

Modern society has regularly, in recent years, been gripped by a series of headline making "scares" -- from mad cow disease to SARS -- which have become one of the most conspicuous and damaging features of our modern world. This book is the first to tell the inside story of each of the major scares of the past two decades, showing how they have followed a remarkably consistent pattern. It analyzes the crucial role played in each case by scientists who have misread or manipulated the evidence; by media and lobbyists who eagerly promote the scare without regard to the facts; and finally by the politicians and officials who come up with an absurdly disproportionate response, leaving us all to pay the price, which may run into billions of dollars. Scared to Death culminates in a chillingly detailed account of the story behind what the authors believe has become the greatest scare of them all: the belief that the world faces disaster through manmade global warming. In a final chapter, the authors take on its proponents such as Al Gore in a devastating critique of the consensus on global warming and its consequences.

See also Christopher Booker's later book The Real Global Warming Disaster on the data falsification and political manipulations behind the IPCC scare campaign.

"[A] typically detailed examination of the phenomenon that characterises our age more than any other, and one that returns us to the primitive state of our superstitious ancestors with their witch hunts, the global scare."

--John Brignell, Number Watch, November 2007. Full review at http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/scared.htm

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