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US hardback
Sep 1991
Radiation Hormesis
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ISBN 0849361591
320 pp
Radiation Hormesis
by T.D.Luckey

Professor Luckey's 1980 book Hormesis With Ionizing Radiation was the first study to extend the concept of "hormesis"--the beneficial effects at low doses of agents that become harmful and eventually lethal in high doses--long recognized in chemical toxicology, to ionizing radiation. Citing over 1200 references going back to the first experiments of the Curies and reanalyzing results discarded by other researchers because they contradicted expectations, it established that biological organisms in every category from bacteria through to vertebrates consistently grow larger and healthier, live longer, have more offspring, more of which survive, and in general do better by all the measures that are taken as indicative of well-being.

Radiation Hormesis extends and builds upon that work, reviewing the nature of radiation environments and observed hormetic effects in such areas as cancer susceptibility and mortality, growth and development, reproduction and mutation, and the reinforcement by radiation of the entire immune system. The results strongly challenge the presumptions of collective dose and the Linear Non-Threshold dose-effect relationship that regulatory agencies still cling to despite mounting evidence over the past 30 years that not only are the billions being spent on policing and countering nonexistent threats wasted by doing no demonstrable good, but the result of it all could actually be causing a significant amount of harm. If these findings were borne out and widely recognized, the benefits to humanity in general, from enabling development of technologies currently on hold because of misplaced public fears and perceptions, and avoiding the political confrontations and conflicts that result from attempts to address the world's needs by inadequate and outdated methods, would be inestimable.

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