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US paperback
Nov 1992
Poison By Prescription
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ISBN 0943742064
192 pp
Poison By Prescription
by John Lauritsen

From the back cover:

"This is the story of a toxic drug, with no scientifically proven benefits, which is being given to tens of thousands of people , including many who are perfectly healthy. It is a story of collusion between corrupt government officials, incompetent researchers, and an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company."

John Lauritsen is by profession a survey research analyst. His skills and experience are invaluable in evaluating the worth and realities of statistical claims.

"John Lauritsen's book is a masterpiece of critical, scientific journalism. . . . He deserves a Pulitzer Prize."

--Frank Buianouckas, Professor of Mathematics

"It is good finally to see in print some hard news of what actually transpired, rather than the shoddy stuff that passes for journalism elsewhere."

--Harry Rubin, Professor of Molecular Biology

"John Lauritsen is a tenacious, consistently accurate, and scholarly researcher. He cares enought to put himself on the firing line, an unenviable position."

--Gary Null, health columnist, author of AIDS: A Second Opionion.

"John Lauritsen is one of the heroes of the epidemic. He is not only a top-notch investigative reporter. In his own way he is also a scientist."

--N.S. Lehrman, M.D., Clinical Director (Retired), Kingsboro Psylchiatric Center

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