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US hardback
May 2007
The Physics of Christianity
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ISBN 0385514247
336 pp
The Physics of Christianity
by Frank J. Tipler

Frank Tipler is a distinguisehed professor of mathematical physics at Tulane University. He descries this as an extension to his earlier book The Physics of Immortality, which asserts the laws of physics as showing that if we are prepared to forego our biological human-ness, we can enjoy experiental immortality as uploads into advanced artificial processing environments.

In this book he proposes that Christianity can be studied as a science, and its claims, if true, can be empirically proven. The tone is captured pretty thoroughly by his statement: "I believe that we have to accept the implications of physical law, whatever these implications are. If they imply the existence of God, well then, God exists." As well as claiming to prove the existence of God from the laws of modern physics, Tipler also shows miracles to be physically plausible.

Controversial? Of course. But this is Frank Tipler in his element, guaranteed to arouse charges of heresy from the reductionist materialist school and the cloisters of conventional Christian theoogy alike. But as Frank himself remarked in an e-mail when drawing the book to my attention for inclusion in the Heretics' catalog, " . . . it's ironical that a defense of traditional Christian doctrine is now considered 'heretical.'"

"I must admit, I found the subject mattter of this book interesting to say the least. No matter what belief system or philosophy you come to the table with (besides willful and determined ignorance, I suppose), this book SHOULD interest just about everyone."

--J.D. amazon.com reviewer

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