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US paperback
Nov 2005
Thunderbolts of the Gods
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Mikamar Publishing
ISBN 0977285103
107 pp
Includes 65 min DVD
Thunderbolts of the Gods
by David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill

Mainstream astronomy holds that the Solar System has remained essentially as we see it today for billions of years and consists of electrically neutral bodies moving in a vacuum under the sole influence of gravity. Yet space is now known to be pervaded by electrical plasma, and there is strong evidence that the planets and other bodies carry electric charge. Charged objects immersed in plasma spontaneously form isolating sheaths around themselves that prevent mutual electrical interaction. For as long as planets move without their "magnetospheres" coming into contact, quiescent conditions like those that exist today will prevail, which are indeed accurately modeled by gravitation. But should some disturbance occur that causes magnetospheres to intersect, the bodies involved will experience sudden complex forces immensely more powerful than gravity, accompanied by-if they are at different potentials-colossal electrical discharges between them.

This book presents a compendium of evidence from diverse sources showing that not only have such events affected the Earth, but they have done so within the time of recorded human history! Records in the form of ancient myths, legends, religions, and art tell of skies vastly different from those we see today, alive with spectacles of light, violence, and seeming heavenly deities in conflict. Why should objects that today appear as remote pinpoints in the sky have filled peoples worldwide with awe and terror, and given rise to cults devoted to serving and placating them? Why do the same designs and motifs appear repeatedly throughout ancient symbolisms, along with accounts of celestial dramas that show the same underlying themes again and again? Why do so many depictions of wrathful gods show them wielding fiery hammers and axes, and hurling down thunderbolts and lightning?

Besides answering such questions as these, Thunderbolts provides striking evidence found repeatedly in ancient designs that capture in detail too precise to be coincidental, dynamic configurations of plasma processes observed routinely in laboratories today.

A highly readable, broad-based introduction to a subject that will surely be the beginnings of a revolution in scientific thinking.

"Only a few books rise to the level of importance whereby we can say 'This book truly changed my view of history.' In my opinion this is such a book because once you have read it you will never look at art, ancient literature, mythology, opera, history, archeology, anthropology, or astronomy with the same eyes ever again."

--Donald E.Scott, author of The Electric Sky

"[G]ives some good examples of how mega-lighting, in the form of high-energy, high density plasma z-pinches evolve in the laboratory. . . . [S]uch laboratory discharges can also occur in the sky as intense aurorae, and whose appearance was recorded in ancient icons, petroglyph and rock art . . . remarkable similarities, which in my opinion are too numerous to be coincidental."

--Ian Tresman, Derby, UK

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