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US hardback
Feb 2003
Creating the New World
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ISBN 1410703339
369 pp
Creating the New World
by Theodore Rockwell

A fascinating account of the science, engineering, and personalities involved in wartime nuclear research and the early years of the nuclear industry. Theodore Rockwell worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as part of the Manhattan Project, and afterward for 15 years under the legendary Admiral Rickover to become Technical Director before founding the engineering company MPR Associates. Besides providing a colorful and detailed account of those years, the book includes a 26-page section on the fallacies of the linear-no-threshold assumption that still forms the basis of today's regulatory practices and vastly exaggerate risks perceptions, along with a description of the now well-documented phenomenon of radiation hormesis, whereby small doses are not only harmless but beneficial. Also covered are the Three-Mile-Island "disaster" that killed no one and caused no damage to the environment, and the Chernobyl accident, in which far more deaths resulted from baseless panic and overreaction than the 30-odd that occurred among emergency workers. Rockwell calculates that if the nuclear industry were permitted to process through breeder reactors the uranium already stored at American enrichment facilities, the energy that could be produced would equate to over three times the world's known oil resources, plus all the recoverable coal reserves in the United States.

"A scientist who is a splendid storyteller--what a treat! . . . I was hooked from the first page. . . . This book is a winner!"
     --Judge of the ninth annual Independent Publishers Book Awards, when giving first place in the Science category.

"[A] gifted scientist, engineer, visionary, and author . . . eminently qualified to tell us the true story and set the images straight."
     --Admiral James Watkins, Chief of Naval Operations 1982-1986, Secretary of Energy 1989-1993

"[P]resents in vivid, human terms many of the young scientists and engineers who first harnessed this primal force . . . an enlightening and fascinating account."
     --Dr. Glenn Seaborg, Nobel Laureate, co-discoverer of plutonium

"This book is filled not just with technology and history, but also with extensive accounts of the interactions of human nature with technology. . . . Rockwell is not just an engineer; he is, like his mentor Rickover, a very observant and thoughtful man."
     --Arthur B. Robinson, Access to Energy

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