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US paperback
Jun 2005
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Laissez Faire Books
ISBN 0930073-55-X
247 pp
by Ed Hiserodt

A comprehensive but readable introduction to ionizing radiation that demystifies the technicalities, exposes the myths, and explains in detail how low levels of radiation are not only harmless but very often actually beneficial--perhaps even essential for a full and healthy life. As is true with temperature, humidity, chemical concentrations, and all the other factors that make up the environments of living things, we are built to function effectively within a certain range of radiation. Exceeding the limits in either direction results in progressively greater discomfort, distress, and possibly death.

Chapters cover the radiation physics and history; the principles of hormesis, whereby stimuli that are harmful in large doses can be beneficial in small doses; the evidence for hormesis being true for radiation; the real risks associated with the nuclear industry; the radon scare and why mandated measures are likely to do more harm than good; and the distortions and misperceptions that result from politics.

"For far too long, a small but a small but highly influential segment of the nuclear community has held that exceptionally low levels of radiation can cause cancer. Unfortunately, a disregard for the potential beneficial effects of low-level radiation--well documented in this marvelous book-- has resulted in tens of billions of wasted dollars and is likely robbing countless citizens of an opportunity to improve their health."

-- Alan E. Waltar, Ph.D., past president of American Nuclear Society

"Ed Hiserodt has cut through the voluminous scientific evidence that is obscured in the scientific and public policy literature--and by biased official government committees--and presents the evidence in a way that the general non-technical reader can understand it."

-- Theodore Rockwell, Sc.D., former technical director for Admiral Hyman Rickover

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