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US hardback
Jun 2005
Cyclical Catastrophe
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TET Publishing
ISBN 097634520X
316 pp
Cyclical Catastrophe
by Georgia Balbin


A fascinating book that brings support to Velikovsky's contention of the Earth's motion and axial tilt being disturbed by planetary encounters in early historical times. Georgia Balbin unravels the meaning of information encoded in ancient myth, legend, symbol, architecture, and art that records successive ages of changes in the skies. By correlating interpretations of such accounts as the five mythical ages of Greece, the legendary five suns of Mexico, Velikovsy's Martian events of the 8th and 7th centuries B.C., and mythologies from India and China, the author reconstructs the path traced across the heavens by shifts of the celestial pole witnessed by cultures the world over.

"Historical records and new focus on discoveries in myth, art, and architecture support Georgia Balbin's latest survey of planetary catastrophe, which integrates [Velikovskian] events with the mythical five ages of Greece and other historical chapters in human experience. The focus on alien skies as described by early cultures makes for an intriguing blend of science and history."

--Midwest Book Review, Oregon

"Catastrophists are closing in on outmoded orthodoxy regarding earth history, and Balbin's book is certain to raise numerous questions over the present view of events in our plant's life."

--Vine Deloria, author of God is Red

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