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US hardback
Nov 2006
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
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Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7432-8502-6
264 pp
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
by Jimmy Carter

The flap copy describes this as the former President's assessment of what must be done to bring permanent peace to Israel with dignity and justice to Palestine. It has provoked an outurst of personal attacks, slurs, name-calling, and all the usual responses that are to be expected from people who are unable to address the facts of the issue and try to divert attention by assailing the messenger. Since, as I've said in previous postings on this web site, I object to attempts to silence opinions by this kind of tactic, I'm adding Jummy's book to the catalog and hope it will earn him a few extra dollars. I leave readers with one question: Do you think that Jimmy Carter is being attacked and smeared because what he says isn't true? Or because it is?

"First Bomb Carter; Then Nuke Iran!" Counterpunch, January 20, 2007

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"Truth at last, while breaking a U.S. taboo of criticizing Israel,", Philadelphia Inquirer, January 2, 2007

Get Carter, The Nation, January 8, 2007

"Carter's apartheid charge rings true,", San Francisco Chronicle, December 20, 2006

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