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US hardback
May 2006
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity
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ISBN 1401302548
320 pp
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity
by John Stossel

     In this collection of pieces on how many widely held beliefs are wrong, John Stossel, anchor of the ABC News program 20/20, is skeptical toward just about everything except individual rights and freedoms. Some of the material is of a consumer watchdog nature ("Is there really any reason to buy bottled water?"), some has to do with problems of everyday life ("Are men really better drivers than women?") and some contest commonly held beliefs ("Are you more likely to be stopped if you’re driving a red car?"). But the principal thrust takes on false beliefs people hold regarding politics. Everywhere he looks--government schooling, regulations, environmental scare-mongering, subsidies, and so forth--Stossel sees that ordinary people, who have trusted the institutions and authority figures that they were raised to believe in, are being gyped and misled by the abuse of politics to take life, liberty, and property from others.

"[S]nappy debunkings of alarmism, witch-hunts, satanic ritual abuse prosecutions and marketing hokum like the irradiated-foods panic, homeopathic medicine and the notion that bottled water beats tap. Stossel's libertarian convictions make him particularly fond of exposés of government waste and regulatory fiascoes."
     -- Publishers Weekly

"This book is both fun and informative; it is bound to evoke a wide range of emotions in most readers - anger, shock, disbelief, relief, incredulity, laughter, surprise and finally gratitude that we have honest reporters such as John Stossel and the real experts upon which he relies to help us separate the truth from both the simple falsehoods in which we commonly believe and the often malicious lies and scams to which we are all too often exposed."
     -- Tucker Andersen (Wall Street), from a review posted at amazon.com

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