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US paperback
Jul 2006
Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS
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Melville House
ISBN 1933633018
345 pp
Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS
by Celia Farber

     A collection of twenty years of AIDS reporting, many of the pieces updated and revised, by journalist Celia Farber, who has stood up to and defied fury and vicious personal attacks from orthodoxy apologists for her tenacity and refusal to be deflected from pursuit of truth. Uncensored is a most appropriate word for this outsider’s account of the AIDS industry in which, as Farber has learned, to even ask questions that don’t conform to orthodox views invites hatred. The topics covered include protease inhibitor drugs and their toxicity, AIDS patients who test HIV-negative and, simply, whether HIV causes AIDS.

"... an engaging piece of investigative journalism ... exposes deep problems with the standards of medical research."
     --Gal Beckerman, Coulumbia Journalism Review

"AIDS very quickly became more than a medical story. It took on tremendous political, moral, sexual, religious, intellectual and economic significance as well, and Farber argues that these elements soon came to dominate and distort the medical science.... AIDS became a dogma, and anyone who questioned it a heretic. At great cost to her career, Farber has questioned the dogma for 20 years....This is not kooky conspiracy theory. Ultimately, it's an Orwellian treatise on intellectual totalitarianism in our time."
     --John Strausbaugh, from a review posted at amazon.com

"One of the most tragic stories of the AIDS crisis is the excoriation of those--journalists, researchers, patients--whose voices are silenced by a 20-year orthodoxy of media hype, drug money and scientific stardom. Journalist Celia Farber, deemed controversial and an HIV denialist by many, has spent two decades reporting the dark, greedy history of AIDS..."
     --From a review and interview with Celia Farber posted by The Calgary News and Entertainment Weekly Fast Forward. Click for complete article.

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