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US hardback
Jul 1999
Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
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Toxi-Health International
ISBN 0967353602
200 pp
Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati

From Dr. Al-Bayati's letter to the British Medical Journal referenced in the Bulletin Board posting cited below:

"Individuals with AIDS and HIV-positive asymptomatic individuals, including pregnant women, have long been treated with toxic antiviral drugs (AZT, Protease Inhibitors, as well as Nevirapine) that can cause serious systemic injuries and even death. This is erroneously based on the assumption that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Furthermore, the long-term effects of these drugs on the composition of the human genomes have not been determined. Prior to October of 1997, I believed that HIV was the cause of AIDS based solely on the information that had been reported by the United States Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) and the AIDS establishment. However, my view was unquestionably changed when I evaluated the medical evidence on the worldwide AIDS epidemic."

AIDS is rooted in poverty in Africa
"I have read this book and I wish that I could give every ARV pushing doctor in South Africa a copy... Dr Al-Bayati makes his case crystal clear.... This book re-affirmed what Duesberg has been saying for years. In Africa, immune deficiencies has been around for many many years, it has simply had a different name since 1984."
     --Mark B. Zuhrbrigghen, Founder & Director THE AIDS NUTRITION CLINIC CAPE TOWN, SA

There Are No Slow Viruses, Only Slow Scientists
Dr. Al-Bayati's book, Get All The Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS, speaks to the many scientific wormholes and a plethora of inconsistencies that run amok in the murky world of HIV (the virus believed to cause AIDS). Suspend your belief long enough to read this book, for by listening to this author you will gain new insights and perspectives. As I pondered the profound conclusions in the book, I decided to send a copy to a friend, a respected professor (Harvard trained scientist and published author) an academic with a strong background in pathology, cell biology and virology. As a scientist who happens to head a well-funded research facility at a top U.S. medical school I felt his opinion of this controversial book would be relevant. A short time later he called to say that he agreed with Dr. Al-Bayati's findings and conclusions, and he said that the book blew yet more holes into a crumbling HIV rhetoric and mythology. I concur with the professor that it is with sound scientific methodology, common sense and grounded logic that Dr. Al-Bayati provides an indictment against HIV as a cause of AIDS. This book gives new insight into the subject from a unique perspective and challenges the HIV/AIDS establishment.

Reading Dr. Al-Bayati's book and researching the shortcomings of HIV test methodology -with its pointless results- has helped me to understand the truth about AIDS and the inability of HIV tests to provide anything consequential; HIV testing is a meaningless exercise and scientific misinformation at its worst. HIV tests are neither an accurate measure of infection nor a measure of one's health.

     --From a review by S. A. Sarnoff, posted at amazon.com
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