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US paperback
Jun 1997
The AIDS Cult
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ISBN 0-943742-10-2
224 pp
The AIDS Cult
by John Lauritsen and Ian Young (Eds.)

A collection of 10 essays by 8 contributing authors who agree that the orthodox view of AIDS as a virally transmitted infection from without is seriously flawed, and examine the role played by psychological, social, and cultural factors. Although such influences tend to be discounted in conventional allopathic medicine, the authors show how mental states, shared beliefs, group interests, and social forces conspire to program people to succumb to sickness.

"[T]his book alone does more for AIDS research than 18 years and 40 billion dollars of 'official' research will ever contribute. Whether you agree that there's something terribly amiss with AIDS research and official explanations and treatments or not, this book is an amazing grass-roots attempt to open up dialog and encourage the kind of critical thought sorely needed in the highly political AIDS Industry."
     --amazon.com reviewer
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