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US hardback
Jul 1998
Nature's Destiny
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Free Press
ISBN 0743237625
480 pp
Nature's Destiny
by Michael J. Denton

Michael Denton is an Australian biologist whose earlier work Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, published in 1985,is cited by many (including myself)as one of the first sources that caused them to question the orthodox Darwinian theory and begin taking seriously the possibility of some kind of organizing intelligence at work behind what's going on. This book examines how the same considerations apply to the entire universe itself. From the fundamental constants and nature of radiation governing the unfolding from early beginnings, to such details as the physical, chemical, optical, and material properties of liquids and gases, metals, and other substances, the ingredients manufactured by the cosmos are uniqely tailored up to produce the environments needed for sustaining life. The popular notion--widely exploited in science fiction--is that our kind of world is nothing special; evolutionary mechanisms are highly flexible and in general capable of coming up with all kinds of bizarre life forms suited to wildly varying circumstances. Denton presents some sobering arguments as to why this may not be so.

"This book is of extraordinary scientific interest. . . . Philosophers will wish to read it because it is so interesting, and biologists, because chances are they have never seen anything like it; but ordinary readers will cherish this book for the better reason that it does what a book about life should do and so rarely does, and that is to restore to them a sense of wonder they thought hopelessly lost."
     -- David Berlinski, author of A Tour of the Calculus

"Michael Denton details science's relentless progress toward an unexpected conclusion--that the universe was intentionally designed for human beings. From the laws of physics to chemistry to biology, from the properties of water to the characteristics of fire, he shows the goal of the cosmos to be human life."
     -- Michael Behe, author of Darwin's Black Box

"In the growing debate over Darwin's theories, Denton's voice remains one of the most notable and compelling."
     -- Publishers Weekly

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