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US paperback
Jun 1995
Metric Units & Conversion Charts
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Wiley-IEEE Press
Metric Units & Conversion Charts
by Theodore Wildi
A metrication handbook for engineers, technologists, scientists, and readers with weird questions that they send to science-fiction writers. Provides ready conversion from one measurement system to any other by means of 62 easy-to-follow charts covering practically every field of science. An indispensable resource for those who have spent endless amounts of time searching one reference book after another for elusive conversion factors, or needed to express such things as:

     - acre-feet, barrels, or drams of volume as teaspoons, hogsheads, or registered tons
     - the speed of light in feet per second or millimeters per hour
     - moment of inertia in pound-force foot second squared as the gram-centimeter squared equivalent

And much more. A publication of IEEE Press

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