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Jun 1997
The Fabric of Reality
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The Fabric of Reality
by David Deutsch
David Deutsch is the Oxford University physicist who persuaded me that the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics is real, in the process providing the inspiration that eventually led to Paths to Otherwhere. This book brings together Deutsch's theories of physics, computation, and knowledge into a comprehensive philosophy of reality that is rational and optimistic. Perhaps the most startling claim is that the existence of parallel universes is not only consistent with quantum theory but is demonstrable experimentally through the phenomenon of quantum interference. Deutsch is widely acclaimed for his theoretical work on quantum computers, which work by effectively collaborating with their counterparts in other universes, and his papers on the subject have stimulated research world-wide.
"David Deutsch is one of Britain's most original thinkers. . . . I haven't been so inspired since I read Douglas Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach."
     -- Paul Davies

"David Deutsch tackles a difficult subject with beautiful clarity. . . . If it is possible for the untrained mind to embrace what Deutsch describes in The Fabric of Reality, then no better description will be found."
     -- Matthew Parris

". . . a marvellously exhilarating read. Not only is the universe, as depicted by Deutsch, far richer than is commonly supposed; it is one in which intelligent life . . . is destined to occupy centre stage in the unfolding cosmic drama."
     -- Michael Lockwood

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