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Jun 2004
Electromagnetic Retardation and the Theory of Relativity
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Electromagnetic Retardation and the Theory of Relativity
by Oleg D. Jefimenko
An exposition of the theory of electromagnetic retardation, with a new interpretation of the effects conventionally attributed to Relativity. Although possibly an unfamiliar name to many, Oleg Jefimenko is well regarded among theoreticians of classical electromagnetic theory, with a number of equations named after him in textbooks. Since electric and magnetic fields propagate with finite velocity, there must always be a time delay before a change in electromagnetic conditions at one point in space can result in changes at another. Although this would appear fundamental, the equations of electromagnetism are not usually expressed in a form that acknowledges this. Jefimenko shows that incorporating the empirical fact of electromagnetic retardation into the classical approach reproduces all of Einstein's equations without recourse to any of the postulates of Relativity at all. "Time dilation," for example, turns out to be not some mysterious observer-dependent percept, but a real, physical effect whereby moving clocks run slower. Yes, we know that experimental results reported for the best part of a century have been consistent with Relativity's predictions. But when the same results are equally compatible with a simpler principle that derives from the very basics of physics, the question of whether the orthodox approach might be based on needless complications becomes unavoidable.
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