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Jun 1993
The Origins of Order
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Oxford University Press
The Origins of Order
by Stuart Kauffman
How self-ordering in nature overcomes the inadequacies of Darwinism. Stuart Kauffman, a biophysicist at the University of Pennsylvania and associate of the Sante Fe Institute think-tank for studying complexity theory, combines findings from such fields as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to explore the spontaneous emergence of order in natural systems as a necessary extension of selection to drive evolution.
"There are very few people in this world who ever ask the right questions of science, and they are the ones who affect its future most profoundly. Stuart Kauffman is one of these. Read this book."
     -- Philip Anderson, Nobel Laureate, Princeton University

"Darwinian theory must be expanded to recognize other sources of order based in the internal genetic and developmental constraints or organisms and on the structural limits and possibilities of general physical laws. Stu Kauffman has been exploring these unorthodox sources of order for many years and has now produced an integrative book that will become a landmark and a classic . . ."
     -- Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University

"Given what we know about the way genes signal to each other, [Kauffman] argues that complexity can arise more readily than one would expect. I am not sure he is right, but I am sure that we should take his ideas seriously."
     -- John Maynard Smith, University of Sussex

"The facile claim that natural selection can accomplish every adaptive change fails to grapple with the problems posed by a highly structured system with its own laws of assembly and interaction. [Kauffman] returns the problem of evolution to the central issue that evolutionists have been avoiding for too long, the problem of the evolution of a complex, organized system . . ."
     -- Richard C. Lewontin, Harvard University

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