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Jun 1997
Not By Chance! Shattering The Modern Theory of Evolution
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Judaica Press
Not By Chance! Shattering The Modern Theory of Evolution
by Dr. Lee Spetner
Dr. Spetner is an information scientist at MIT who has studied evolutionary topics for 40 years. He presents the numbers that are routinely skated over or ignored, which show that biological innovation cannot be driven by random processes.

Some fascinating examples of evidence that has been available for a long time demonstrating that desirable mutations are triggered by environmental cues. The codes to produce them don't arise through laborious trial and error but are already present in the genome.

". . . the most rational attack on evolution that I have ever read."
     -- Professor E. Simon, Department of Biology, Purdue University

". . . extremely thorough and compelling."
     -- Professor Christian B. Anfinsen, Nobel Laureate, Department of Biology, The Johns Hopkins University

". . . a rarely found multidisciplinary approach manifesting scientific expertise is widely divergent fields."
     -- Professor Y. Leshem, Department of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University

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