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Jun 1992
Intelligent Design
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InterVarsity Press
Intelligent Design
by William Dembski
Is it possible to define precisely and measure the work of an intelligent agency that natural causes cannot imitate? Dembski maintains that it is, and the quantitative test that he develops, when applied to biological structures, challenges whether the conventional Darwinian explanation for them can be correct. Dembski makes no secret of his own religious persuasions, but the case presented here rests purely on mathematical and philosophical considerations.
"William Dembski is perhaps the very brightest of a new generation of scholars willing to challenge the most sacred twentieth-century intellectual idol -- the unproven notion that all of life can be explained in terms of natural selection and mutation."
     -- Henry F. Schaeffer III, Graham Perdue Professor and Director, Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry, University of Georgia

"[T]he Isaac Newton of information theory, and since this is the Age of Information, that makes Dembski one of the most important thinkers of our time."
     -- Rob Koons, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas

"Dembski provides a clear and comprehensive description of what 'intelligent design' means . . . an important step in bringing the focus back to a level playing field of truth, not prejudice."
     -- Robert Kaita, Principal Research Physicist, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University

"Dembski is one of the finest minds now at work in our intellectual and academic culture generally. Walk with him through the mine fields of what is now called education. You will not find a better guide."
     -- Dallas Willard, Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

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