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Jun 2000
Icons of Evolution. Science or Myth?
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Icons of Evolution. Science or Myth?
by Jonathan Wells
The "Tree of Life," Haeckel's embryo drawings, Archeopterix, the "Horse Series," the account of the British peppered moth, and other standard examples of supporting evidence used in evolutionary textbooks for generations are not only flawed or plain wrong, but have been known to be so in some cases for over a hundred years.

Wells examines why and asks the obvious question: If genuine, irrefutable evidence is available, why was it necessary to resort to fraud?

". . . demonstrates with stunning clarity that the textbook examples Darwinists themselves chose as the pillars of their theory are false and misleading. . . . Why should anyone now believe any of their other examples?"
     -- Dr. Michael Behe, Professor of Biological Sciences, Lehigh University

"[Wells] has brilliantly exposed the exaggerated claims and deceptions that have persisted in standard textbook discussions of biological origins for many decades, in spite of contrary evidence."
     -- Dean H. Kenyon, Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University

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