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Jun 2002
Evolution Under the Microscope: A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution
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Leighton Academic Press
Evolution Under the Microscope: A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution
by David Swift
A molecular biologist's critical examination of how accumulating research findings fail to support the orthodox Darwinian paradigm that all forms of life have evolved from a common source. While there is no doubt of the capacity of species to adapt and change within limits, extrapolating such processes beyond the evidence to account for new forms and body plans is not justified. The facts are more simply and readily explained by the segregation and selection of existing gene sets from genetically rich ancestral stocks than by the appearance of new genes. Close examination of the mechanisms involved at the molecular level shows that the generation of new genetic information poses insuperable problems for the mutation-selection scenario of modern evolutionary theory.
"Swift's writing style is clear, interesting and with occasional glimpses of humour. This work is ideal for university students and scientifically literate adults who seek a current introduction to problems with evolution and an indication of where the evidence leads. . . . a bombshell which we will surely want to distribute on university campuses everywhere."
     -- Margaret Helder, Alberta, Canada

"The best book I have read up to now about evolution! . . . It is awesome to read how, one by one, the 'convincing arguments' for evolution are analyzed and shown to be flawed."
     -- Olaf Karthaus, Hokkaido, Japan

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