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Jun 1996
Darwin's Black Box
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Free Press
Darwin's Black Box
by Michael J. Behe
Michael Behe, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, is not a Creationist and does not look to religious dogma for answers. However, he presents detailed arguments based on purely scientific considerations of why such complex processes as vision, blood clotting, cellular transport, construction of the bacterial flagellum, cannot have come about by the evolution from something simpler in a gradualistic Darwinian manner. His survey of the scientific literature shows it to be completely silent on the subject, faced with trying to reconcile the astonishing discoveries of modern biochemical science with a nineteenth-century theory that is unable to accommodate them.
"This book will do much to correct the common misapprehension that anyone who questions the Darwinian theory of Evolution must be a 'young earth creationist.' . . . If Darwinians respond to this important book by ignoring it, misrepresenting it, or ridiculing it, that will be evidence in favor of the widespread suspicion that Darwinism today functions more as an ideology than as a scientific theory. If they can successfully answer Behe's arguments, that will be important evidence in favor of Darwinism."
     -- Peter Van Inwagen, Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame University
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