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US paperback
Jun 1981
The Ultimate Resource
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Princeton University Press
The Ultimate Resource
by Julian L. Simon
Resources are becoming cheaper and more abundant, not scarcer, and over the longer term the environment and the human condition grow steadily better, not worse. To many whose perceptions have become shaped totally by the media's incessant doom hysteria, such words will sound like heresy or lunacy. But this is what the results of Julian Simon's research consistently showed--summarized here in popular book form. It was this work of Simon's that led to his famous bet with Paul Erlich. The ultimate resource, Simon contends, is human creativity and imagination.
"[Simon] never loses sight that man is the ultimate resource behind economic performance and progress."
     --P.T. Bauer, The London School of Economics

"The author musters logic and facts to show that the future need not be bleak and that in many ways, quality of life is improving significantly."
     --William J. Baumol, Princeton University and New York University

"Simon takes on the popular press books with their whole array of crisis allegations. He powerfully exposes and argues against their errors. . . . Simon's book is ideal in its exhaustive coverage and readability."
     --Harold J. Barnett, Washington University

"Compelling and often brilliantly original. . . . His economic analysis will leave a lot of readers heavily revising their thinking about the world around them."
     --Daniel Seligman, Fortune

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