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Jun 1984
The Resourceful Earth
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Blackwell Pub
The Resourceful Earth
by Julian L. Simon & Herman Kahn
Compiled as a response to the original Global 2000 Report to the President, which like the Club of Rome Report a decade earlier drew pictures of worldwide environmental doom and devastation if drastic measures were not taken, which in the minds of many continue the be threats today. Yet this study, now twenty years old, shows that there were solid scientific reasons for doubting the predictions then, and that the bulk of the problems of energy and pollution perceived today are primarily the result of self-fulfilling political foolishness, not of any reality imposed by nature.

Comprises papers by 21 contributors, including D. Gale Johnson, "World Food and Agriculture"; H.E. Landsberg, "Global Climatic Trends"; S. Fred Singer, "World Demand for Oil"; Karl Cohen, "Nuclear Power"; Petr Beckmann, (a) "Solar Energy and Other 'Alternative' Energy Sources," and (b) "Coal"

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