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Jun 1992
Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns
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Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns
by Jay H. Lehr
A compilation of papers by nearly 50 leading scientific and political writers on the whole gamut of environmental issues, separating the facts from the fallacies and offering cool-headed appraisals of the realities instead of emotional outrage or agenda-charged hype. Authors include Bruce Ames on carcinogenicity; Bernard Cohen on radioactivity and waste disposal; Dixie Lee Ray on nuclear energy; J.Gordon Edwards on DDT; S. Fred Singer on global climate and ozone depletion; Julian Simon on population growth, deforestation, and species loss. A comprehensive data reference source on just about every subject that falls under this broad heading.
".. .the 'proof' of man's destruction of the environment is consistently flawed . . . the scientific method is being abused and ignored. The errors are not random, however . . . Objective science is disappearing and is being replaced by the pursuit of a philosophical agenda."
      -- Richard F. Sanford, in Chapter 1, "The Assault on Reason."

"The number of storks in Europe has been decreasing for decades. At the same time, the European birth rate has also been decreasing. We would be foolish to accept this high correlation as evidence that storks bring babies."
      -- Bruce N. Ames, in Chapter 6, "Environmental Pollution and Cancer: Some Misconceptions."

"The ex-body environment can impact the body's internal environment with often-unexpected reverse effects. There is a good probability that the activity of [toxins, drugs, vitamins, minerals, X-rays, exercise, etc] the is health promoting or health inhibiting at a given concentration may reverse its action . . . at a different concentration."
      -- Walter A. Heiby, in Chapter 22 "Reverse Effects"

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