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Jun 1990
Population Matters
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Population Matters
by Julian Simon
Growing human populations create more wealth and jobs than they consume, and result in resources becoming more abundant, not scarcer. Such is the central thesis of Professor Julian Simon, one of the most persistent challengers of the neo-Malthusian doomsayer lobby, backed by exhaustive analysis of what the evidence and figures repeated through history say. Resources are not fixed and finite, waiting to be used up at a faster or slower rate depending on how we ration ourselves. Human inventiveness and technology create new resources, always on a greater scale and at a lower cost than what was superseded. And it is the needs of growing human populations that provide the demand that makes investment in new technologies and work forces worthwhile. An immensely refreshing and stimulating book, providing a much-needed release from the straitjacketed thinking that shapes much of today's expert opinion.
"Never lose sight that man is the ultimate resource behind economic performance and progress."
      -- P.T. Bauer, The London School of Economics

"Simon takes on the popular press books with their whole array of crisis allegations. He powerfully exposes and argues against their errors."
      -- Harold J. Barnett, Washington University

"The most powerful challenge to be mounted against the principles of popular environmentalism in the last fifteen years."
      -- William G. Tucker, Washington Post Book World

"I have never before written a fan letter to a professional colleague, but to discover that you have . . . provided empirical evidence for what with me is the result of a lifetime of theoretical speculation, is too exciting an experience not to share with you."
      -- F.A. Hayek

"The man's a terrorist."
      -- Park Plotkin, World Wildlife Fund

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