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Jun 1977
Ecological Sanity
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D. McKay Co.
Ecological Sanity
by George Claus & Karen Bolander
A meticulous examination of just how solid the scientific foundations really are for the environmentalist campaigns that have been waged against pesticides, fertilizers, and other substances, and policy decision that have been based on them. Some startling revelations for those who believe such issues to have been long ago scientifically proven and settled, and a superb reference source for the scientist and the general reader. A large section is devoted to the controversy over DDT, in which the precedent was set for essentially scientific issues to be decided by litigation. I drew on it heavily for the section on that subject that is included in Kicking the Sacred Cow.
"An eye-opening book! At last, a realistic assessment of the negative impact which extremist and provincial environmentalism in the U.S. could have on the futures of developing countries."
     -- Walter Peinsipp, Former Austrian Ambassador to Canada

"A well-written, thoroughly documented, and devastating analysis of the 'proofs' for the supposed dangers of many useful chemicals with practically no human toxicity."
     -- Dr József Kovács, Director, Institute of Food Analysis, Budapest

"A frank appraisal of the shocking state of affairs in the scientific and popular ecology literature of recent years."
     -- John Maddox, Former Editor, Nature

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