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Jun 1979
The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear
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Farrar, Straus and Giroux
The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear
by Petr Beckmann
A rational evaluation of the real risks of nuclear energy compared to those incurred by the various so-called "alternatives." Beckmann does not engage in any macabre calculus involving dollars of cost per life saved. He considered it revolting to compare human lives with dollars. He compares the hazards associated with various methods of energy production directly, weighing lives against lives. And nuclear energy comes out ahead by far.

From the Preface:
Only coal and/or nuclear power can take up the slack from oil and provide for America's increased energy requirements. More than 45,000 people die every year in the "coal cycle."
Not one death [in the US] had ever resulted from the commercial generation of electricity from nuclear power as such. Conclusion: Why, "No Nukes," of course!

"[The antinuclear activists] have a deeper motive: the desire for power. For them, the power to sway people is sweet; and the exercise of such power becomes easy if one is not constrained by knowledge of facts and the responsibility to stick to those facts."
     -- Dr. Edward Teller, from his Introduction
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