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Jun 1950
Worlds in Collision
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Worlds in Collision
by Immanuel Velikov
Velikovsky's original book proposing that Venus is not billions of years old as conventionally taught, but a young, white-hot object that was expelled from Jupiter within the time of recorded human history in a event that was witnessed and is recorded in ancient mythologies the world over. Initially describing a highly eccentric, Sun-grazing orbit, the gigantic, comet-like body made several close passes by Earth, causing planet-wide devastation, hurricanes, flooding, tectonic upheavals, and changes to the Earth's motion. Publication was greeted with uproar and outrage from the scientific community on a scale seldom heard in professional circles. Yet there is hardly a one of the ideas that Velikovsky originated that has not been quietly wheeled in through the back door of "respectable" science, and today forms a regular topic of conferences and papers. A major section of Kicking the Sacred Cow is devoted to Velikovsky's theories and the shameful tactics used to discredit them.
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