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US paperback
Jun 1955
Earth in Upheaval
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Earth in Upheaval
by Immanuel Velikov
Velikovsky's response to critics who ridiculed suggestions of evidence for a scientific theory being offered in the form of ancient legends and myths, and references from the Bible. (Although Velikovsky cited the latter merely for the historical record, and then only when corroborated by other, independent sources.) A stunning account of the evidence for tremendous cataclysms sweeping the face of the Earth in recent times. This is a testimonial not conceived or perceived by the minds of men, but written into the rocks in the form of stupefying fossil graveyards, earthquake and volcanic devastation on a scale unimaginable today, and massive belts of mountain uplift and flood deposits thousands of feet deep, across all continents from the poles to the equator. Most of this information was common knowledge up to the end of the 19th century, when the demands of newer, officially endorsed gradualist theories of geology and biology caused it to be expunged from textbooks and the public awareness.
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