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Jun 1995
Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky
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Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky
by Charles Ginenthal
This is the book that reawakened my interest in Catastrophism. I was enthralled as a teenager by Velikovsky's work, but largely forgot about it after Establishment science did such a thorough job of getting him largely dismissed as a crank. The majority of people who have touched on the subject, and scientists in particular, have encountered the official version of the 1974 AAAS Symposium that was staged as a hatchet job, and the book Scientists Confront Velikovsky, based on the proceedings, which is widely accepted as finally having put the heresies to rest.

Ginenthal's study shows just how fraudulent and misleading those proceedings were. 448 pages of facts and findings from space probes and advances during the last fifty years in astronomy, planetary physics, geology, biology, anthropology, ancient history, all of it consistent with Velikovsky's theories but flatly refuting the critics who vilified him.

"An excellent and erudite Destruction of Saganism . . . awe-inspiring. The completeness of it!"
     -- Robert Anton Wilson, author

"Ginenthal's style and reasoning are clear, and his facts are straight. He has actually done the research that Sagan only pretended to have done."
     -- Lynn E. Rose, Professor of Philosophy, SUNY

"I commend Ginenthal's study. . . . The glib and slipshod nature of Carl Sagan's critique is repeatedly and tellingly exposed."
     -- Roger W. Wescott, Professor of Anthropology, Drew University

"After reading this book, you will be convinced that Sagan is more of an entertainer than a competent researcher."
     -- C.J. Ransom, Ph.D. Physicist


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