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Jun 1952
Ages in Chaos
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Ages in Chaos
by Immanuel Velikovsky
The book-length account of Velikovsky's investigations into ancient Egyptian and Hebrew history that led to his revising the officially accepted chronology to bring the dates for a number of hitherto anomalously recorded events into alignment. The radical proposals that he put forward as a consequence include that the mysterious Queen of Sheba who visited Solomon was in fact the Egyptian queen Hathshepsut, and that the 600-year "Dark Age" conventionally written into Greek history is unnecessary. Velikovsky's studies began with a search for descriptions in the Egyptian record corresponding to the events of the Exodus. His conclusion that the "plagues" and other calamities were aspects of a far more widespread picture of natural disasters led to an indicated connection with Venus, stimulating the further research that eventually resulted in Worlds in Collision.
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