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US paperback
Jun 1998
Seeing Red
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ISBN 0968368905
306 pp
Seeing Red
by Halton Arp
From one of the world's leading observational astronomers, a compendium of what would appear to be devastating evidence that the conventional distance/velocity interpretation of redshift, one of the cornerstones of mainstream cosmology and the Big Bang theory of the universe, is wrong. Dozens of examples show high-redshift ("distant") quasars as being closely associated with low redshift ("nearby") galaxies and connected by clearly visible filaments of matter. Arp goes on to develop an alternative explanation of redshift as an indicator of the youth of recently created matter. He sees quasars as young objects ejected from highly active galaxy nuclei, which then go on to evolve through further ejections into normal galaxies--the reverse of the currently taught accretion-from-a-rarified-state model. An indictment of how academic science ignores and suppresses crucial observations that conflict with its preconceptions.
"Prepare to have your universe turned upside-down. . . . You will very likely come away doubting what you thought you knew of the large-scale structure of the universe. The cosmological interpretation of redshift for quasars and active galaxy nuclei has been challenged often before, although never so successfully. But one seldom sees serious suggestions that even the redshift-distance relation for ordinary galaxies may be wrong, as you will see here. And as if the implied revolution in cosmology were not enough, your view of the professionalism of scientists and academics in general, and of astronomers in particular, will be another casualty of your reading."     -- Tom Van Flandern

"Working entirely from observation, Arp sketches a picture of an eternal, infinite, stable universe which continually "unfolds from many points within itself. . . . If you thought that the hard sciences are immune to philosophical irrationalism, you thought wrong. Today's academic science is as wedded to obsolete dogma as the church of Galileo's time, and is equally willing to ignore observation."     -- Michael Miller's QuackGRASS ROOTS

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