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Jun 1993
Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets
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Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets
by Tom Van Flandern
From reviewing the basic nature of things from electrons and photons to galaxies, a professional astronomer of impeccable credentials is led to challenge the conventional theories of gravity, relativity, the Big Bang, and the formation of the Solar System.

At a certain point in life, Tom Van Flandern found himself arriving at the conclusion that just about everything he had learned and accepted uncritically in such matters as matters religion, medicine, biology, physics, was seriously flawed. He wondered why his own field of astronomy seemed to be an exception. But applying the same criteria showed it to be just as guilty of failing to examine its fundamental assumptions, and as prone to domination by authority and vested interests. As he states in the Preface, "It has been my sad observation that my mid-career there are very few professionals left truly working for the advancement of science, as opposed to the advancement of self."

"Tom Van Flandern is both and insider and an outsider . . . [A]fter a long review of the assumptions underlying a large portion of received truth in astronomy and cosmology, he has come to a radical conclusion: much currently accepted theory is wrong."
     -- Astronomy Book Club

"The overview of orbital dynamics is fascinating, detailing characteristics of orbits--many of which are non-intuitive . . . Whether or not one agrees with Van Flandern's theories, this chapter provides an education all its own."
     -- The Mason-Dixon Astronomer

"Dr. Van Flandern has boldly tackled a much bigger issue than mere reorganization of our solar system. He questions conventional wisdom on the nature of gravity, especially that sacred cow: general relativity."
     -- Australian & New Zealand Physicist

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