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US paperback
Jun 1991
The Big Bang Never Happened
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The Big Bang Never Happened
by Eric J. Lerner
The idea that the universe of matter, space, and time all came into existence in a cataclysmic explosion between ten and twenty billion years ago has become such a cornerstone of today's mainstream cosmological thinking as to seem unquestionable to the minds of many. But what if it were wrong?

Eric Lerner builds on the work of Swedish Nobel Laureate Hans Alfvén in developing a model of the early universe as plasma filaments, shaped by electrical forces, in which gravity became a significant factor only later, when sufficient concentrations of mass had been accumulated. From superclusters of galaxies all the way down to planetary formation, the processes involved are shown to be those familiar in laboratories but operating on different scales, requiring no inventions of unobservable entities or exotic physics. This is the kind of theory that I have more confidence in, based on observations of how things are, as opposed to mathematical derivations from asserted axioms of how things have to be.

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