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US paperback
Jun 2002
What If Everything You Thought.
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American Foundation for AIDS Alternatives
ISBN 0967415306
128 pp
What If Everything You Thought.
by Christine Maggiore
A concise yet very informative account of the author's findings from an intensive study of the subject following her HIV-positive diagnosis and pronouncement of a death sentence by medical authorities, which proved wrong. A powerful deconstruction of the popular AIDS myths and rebuttal of the reigning dogma that HIV=AIDS=Death.
"If objective and unbiased medical research is important to you, then you owe it to yourself to consider the facts summarized in this book. It dares to present a wide range of research findings that raise critical questions about the commonly accepted HIV/AIDS theory."
     -- Anthony Robbins, Author

"Misinformation about AIDS is more contagious than the disease itself. By giving us an accurate understanding, Christine Maggiore is fighting an epidemic of fear."
     -- Gavin de Becker, Author

"[S]imple, to the point, and impeccable in its scholarship."
     -- Peggy O'Mara, Editor and Publisher, Mothering magazine

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