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Jun 1993
Rethinking AIDS
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Free Press
Rethinking AIDS
by Robert Root Bernstein
A critical reappraisal of AIDS research that shatters conventionally unquestioned assumptions and reopens the fundamental questions of what is really known.

From the Preface: "I have read the medical literature assiduously, looking for studies that test our current theories of AIDS. I have analyzed and synthesized this information and found that our theory of AIDS is full of glaring holes, confusing contradictions, and outright discrepancies. I am saying nothing more than what the medical literature itself says about AIDS. The only difference is that I am willing to say this in public, whereas most practitioners are not."

"As the philosopher Martin Heidegger reminds us, 'the most thought-provoking thought is that we are not yet thinking.'"
     -- Harvey Bialy, Ph.D., Research Editor, Biotechnology

"The author's [conclusions] demand attention and respect because they are based on scrupulous scientific arguments which are readable also as a well-informed historical narrative of relevant events."
     -- Gordon T. Stewart, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow.

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