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Jun 2004
Oncogenes, Aneuploidy and AIDS
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Oncogenes, Aneuploidy and AIDS
by Harvey Bialy
A scientific life and times of Peter H. Duesberg. Harvey Bialy, himself a biochemist and founding scientific editor of the journal Nature Biotechnology, interweaves the story of Duesberg's personal experiences with a broader view of how politics, money, vested interests, and an over-reliance by much of today's research establishment on sophisticated but inadequately understood technology in place of deep thinking misdirects the world into wasting decades of effort and billions of dollars in the futile pursuit of flawed theories. The book describes Duesberg's earlier groundbreaking work in exploring and later rejecting the case for a viral cause of cancer, his devastating critique of the HIV theory of AIDS, which brought about his defunding and virtual excommunication from the approved biochemical research community as a non-person, and his more recent, equally explosive, questioning--in conjunction with a team in Germany--of the mainstream theory of gene mutations as the cause of cancer. A revelation for those interested in seeing the other side of what the mainline media presents as science, as well as the fascinating tale--a scientific education in itself--of a meticulous and clear-sighted thinker who remains committed to the standards and integrity of science at its best.
"In this authoritative and elegantly written book, Harvey Bialy exposes a microcosm of today's medical science in a blistering analysis of modern cancer and AIDS research. . . . Duesberg gets the Big Picture correct on both cancer and AIDS because he demands the highest standards of data interpretation, something that is a common casualty in the cancer and AIDS fields, where fame, stock options, potential blockbuster drugs, appearances on Larry King Live and the front cover of Time or Newsweek, often appear to take precedence."
     -- George L. Gabor Miklos, Secure Genetics Pty. Ltd., and Human Genetic Signatures Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW Australia

"Any graduate student should rush to read this and see with newly opened, shocked eyes what is really going on in science politics, where even the editors of major journals shamefully join in allowing questionable science to make reputations and win huge government and commercial support."
     -- Anthony Liversidge, science journalist and writer, New York

"A well-told tale with the incorruptible humor of its protagonist--head and shoulders above the competition."
     -- Karry Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993

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