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US paperback
Jun 1993
The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS
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Regnery Publishing, Inc.
The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS
by Michael Fumento
Dismisses the claim that was being repeated everywhere at the time of the book's publication that AIDS had "broken out" into the heterosexual population -- or that it ever would. Fumento accepts the conventional theory of HIV as the cause of AIDS, but presents a solid, scientifically based case showing that the hysteria over an epidemic affecting the general population was baseless from the beginning, created by activists with an agenda and a compliant, noncritical media. Public access to the politically incorrect facts that the book presents was resisted all the way down the distribution chain, from the string of publishers who refused to touch it to bookstore clerks who denied having on the shelves. That alone makes it a work worth being familiar with.
"A merciless -- though often legitimate -- indictment of the purveyors of panic."
      -- The Washington Monthly

". . . the best single source available . . . [to enable] a closer look at overall health care spending, particularly the power of political action committees, the media hype, and the influence of AIDS activists."
      -- Journal of the American Medical Association

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