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US paperback
Jun 1984
The Apocalyptics
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Simon & Schuster
The Apocalyptics
by Edith Efron
A thoroughly researched revelation of how political ideology has corrupted cancer research in the United States. Americans have been told that they are exposed to millions of chemicals, many of them potentially carcinogenic; that 90 percent of cancer is caused by industrial chemicals; that an epidemic of occupational cancer exists across the country; and that America has one of the highest rates of pollution-linked cancers in the world. All of this turns out to be a result of deliberate official misrepresentation, unproven and indeed unprovable by the standards of the scientific method.

Scientists of international standing praised the book but would not allow their names to be published. An expert on carcinogenesis and animal testing explained, "Your book will come out before I retire."

A cancer epidemiologist described it as an "intellectual tour de force," and then went on to warn that neither he nor any other senior scientist would endorse it publicly.

One of the anonymous reviewers told the author that in the academic climate of our times, the scientist is free to quarrel eternally within the confines of the reigning model. But challenging the the core assumptions is not permitted and invites career destruction through ostracism from the peer group, harassment and obstruction, loss of income and funding, professional isolation with ultimate loss of identity, and where political implications are involved, subjection to political smears. A devastating account of how the public is deceived while the professionals conform.

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