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US paperback
Jun 1993
The AIDS War
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The AIDS War
by John Lauritsen
The subtitle: "Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex" says it all. John Lauritsen, a Harvard-educated survey research analyst by profession who has been investigating AIDS its beginnings in the early 80s, is exceptionally well qualified to expose the shoddy numbers-games and statistical manipulations that the generally accepted beliefs are based on. He also provides a devastating indictment of the flawed testing that resulted in AZT, a failed cancer chemotherapy from the 1960s, being rushed around the normal FDA procedures as the treatment of choice to become one of the most profitable pharmaceuticals ever marketed.

I found the dedication moving. It is to John's "many fine teachers," and particularly to the memory of the lady who taught him Latin and journalism. When Latin ceased being offered in the public school criteria, she was approached by students who still desired a classical education and taught them gratis. The particular recollection that he chooses to cite in connection with a book of this nature is a lecture that she gave on the meaning of Probitas -- moral integrity and honesty. Too bad that the modern world no longer sees fit to teach it in the schools.

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