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Comment Dated Jan 2, 2009


Thanks indeed to all for their news and well-wishes. To be honest, though, I could do without the multimegabyte attached pictures of cats, clans, and adhesive offspring. (Not saying I'm not interested. But most image processors can reduce things to a few tens of kilobytes.) We're still on dialup in this particular part of rural Ireland, you see. Apart from the foregoing, I'm not sure I mind, though. People tell me that they can download material 50--or whatever it is--times as fast, and that may be so. But it strikes me that they can still ony read the resulting agglomeration of material at the same rate, so there's a hefty part of a life gone right there. I've known people develop web-surfing addiction to the extent of being glued to the screen for 6 to 8 hours every day. By contrast, I long ago cultivated the routine of simply downloading and reading what I need, and then getting on with other things.

But it seems I'm behind the times. When I offered the above observation to a friend in the States not long ago, her reply was "Read? Nobody reads anything anymore! You watch, and you listen." If that's the way it is out there, I guess I'll happily remain in whatever century this is here, west of the Shannon river.