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Comment Dated Jan 21, 2006

The Easy Life Most people don't want truth; they want certainty. They look for answers that justify their preconceptions. Few things arouse emotions more than a comforting prejudice being threatened. Part of the reason why is captured well by Hendrik Tennekes, retired Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute: "The advantages of accepting a dogma or paradigm are only too clear. One no longer has to query the foundations of one's convictions, one enjoys the many advantages of belonging to a group that enjoys political power, one can participate in the benefits that the group provides, and one can delegate questions of responsibility and accountability to the leadership. In brief, the moment one accepts a dogma, one stops being an independent scientist." Quoted from an article expressing his skepticism of climate models. Full text at www.sepp.org/NewSEPP/Climate%20models Tennekes.htm.