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Comment Dated Jul 3, 2008


It is now pretty clear that not only did Earth's most recent warming phase end in 1998 (unanticipated by the computer models that all the hysteria is based on), but a cooling has been measured over the last 12 months that offsets the whole of the mean warming experienced in the entire previous century. The reversal from warming to cooling has no connection with carbon dioxide, which has continued increasing steadily, but correlates strongly with the solar cycle, as reflected in the activity of sun spots

Also, as mentioned on the Bulletin Board last December, NASA has finally acknowledged the reality of electrical "ropes" connecting the Sun to the Earth and powering the polar auroras. Hence, it will only be a matter of time before somebody with a computer model and an eye on funding discovers that the world's electrical power grid is coupling back electromagnetically and upsetting the Sun. An international expert body called Anthropogenic Solar Suppression, or ASS, will be set up, and its solution will be a drastic reduction of power generation, greater government control thereof, and a quadrupling of electricity rates as the necessary price for saving the Solar System.