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Comment Dated Jan 10, 2006

Fitting the Crime Two items posted on the web happened to come to my attention on the same day. The first was a piece at antiwar.com by journalist John Pilger, whose work I admire, entitled Blair Criminalizes His Critics. At one point it talks about the plight of the American surgeon Dr. Rafil Dhafir, who founded a charity called Help the Needy to aid children in Iraq stricken by the barbaric 11-year economic blockade imposed by America and Britain, which according to UNICEF had caused the deaths of half a million children under the age of five. By the twisted logic of our times, breaking this medieval siege qualified Dr. Dhafir as a "terrorist," which was sufficient to earn him a 22 year prison sentence. The other piece was from Burlington, Vermont's, Channel Three News and described the case of a 34-year old man who raped a girl repeatedly over a four-year period, commencing when she was seven. The sentence handed down by the court was 60 days. The judge explained that he doesn't believe in punishment. Maybe the world would be a slightly saner place if he were relocated to preside over some of John Ashcroft's Homeland Security trials.