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Comment Dated Jan 20, 2008


Few generations of young people can have been so betrayed by the adult world that their natural instincts lead them to trust, and which they depend on for security and guidance than those of today. If they're not in parts of the world that are being bombed, looted, or exploited for cheap labor, they are cynically manipulated to become wage and tax slaves on the consumer treadmill and force-fed a diet of scare stories and politically correct ideologogies designed to instill fear, conformity, and subservience. The latest emetic that I read told of children coming home in tears after being told at school that we're wiping out the polar bears. Well, sorry, but the world was as warm in the 1930s as it is now, warmer in the late medieval period, warmer still in Roman times, a lot warmer a few thousand years before that when southern England was tropical, and the polar bears came through just fine. Actual studies of present populations show that they're again managing to thrive regardless--maybe because they don't watch TV.

If the alarmism has come down to this kind of level, very well, then here and here are a couple of sites that tell the other side without pulling any punches. For a more conservative but equally realistic assessment, see Senator Inhofe's address to the House, posted in three parts, links to Parts 2 and 3 at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Russians are preparing for an oncoming Big Chill as the deepening northern winter promises to repeat what has been one of the coldest on record for the southern hemisphere.