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Comment Dated Oct 7, 2007


Great excitement last week here in Ireland west of the Shannon, when the Leitrim women's Gaelic football team romped home at Croke Park in Dublin to win the all-Ireland final. The girls descended in strength on Dromahair, a few miles down the hill from the farm here, to celebrate, and the partying and dancing in the village pubs went on until most disrespectable hours of the morning, which the likes of those away in Dublin who make it their business to decide when other people should take a drink wouldn't have approved of at all, at all.

Speaking of the distaff side of the species, a friend of mine in California mentioned to me recently that the literature professor at the college he attended told his class that Herman Melville was a misogynist because he didn't have any females on the whaling ship in Moby Dick. This comes as an awful admission from a writer, but I can't put together a response to that.