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Comment Dated Dec 26, 2005

Before the holiday, I posted a Comment here expressing amazement at some of the stories I was hearing from over the water about people now being told that they're not allowed to call Christmas what it is. I received some sternly worded admonishments informing me that I don't understand the seriousness of the issue over there, and its underlying ramifications. Well, I've been way from the melting pot for long enough now that I suppose that could be true--although I always thought it was supposed to be the great social experiment in which people from all backgrounds could learn to assimilate, and live and let live. But if it's about things like indoctrinating children with adult irrationalities and stopping truck drivers from wearing Santa hats, I don't think I want to understand it anyway. A big contrast to Christmas Eve here. I decided to treat myself to a breakfast out, and while driving back from Sligo town to the wilds of Leitrim along the shore of Loch Gill, where Yeats's immortal "Isle of Inishfree" is located, I was listening to the Irish "Lyric Radio" channel from Limerick that plays classical music all day. The announcer dedicated one of the pieces to "the lads down in Cork who took the trouble to put lights up on the construction cranes," which, she said, "brightened up the whole city and delighted everybody down there." That's more the kind of way it should be, I can't help thinking. But, having been duly cautioned, I'll merely wish a happy whatever-you-celebrate to all for the immediate future.