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Comment Dated Mar 19, 2007




Credibility is like virginity: Once you've lost it, you've lost it for good.

After three years of being hauled between torture centers maintained under the auspices of the same people who invented WMD, call unprovoked attacks against defenseless countries "liberation," and have shown themselves congenitally incapable of uttering a true sentence, KSM has confessed to masterminding 9/11 and just about every other nasty thing that happened in the last 20 years. Are we really expected to take this seriously? It's reported that CIA heroes who volunteered to try out their waterboarding specialty caved in on average after 14 seconds. (They got the option to give a "stop" signal.) KSM clocked up enough practice to go for two whole minutes at a time. Just a little bit more of this, and he'd have owned up to sabotaging the Challenger, the JFK assassination, blowing up the Maine, and being Jack the Ripper.

This is the kind of thing that gets countries a bad name. According to a recent poll, the U.S. and Israel ended up in the bottom three of the world's least liked countries. It says a lot for the propagandizing power of the mass media that Iran was the other. For a country that hasn't attacked anyone in over a hundred years, has been repeatedly invaded, occupied, and interfered with, and is surrounded by hostile air and naval forces openly declaring their intended aggression, to be widely perceived as a "threat" is quite an achievement.